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Updated feedback from the authors

We are glad to update feedback from the authors who published their papers in our journals. You will have an opportunity to know first-hand information about the cooperation of the researchers with our publishing house. This time we received feedback from the following authors:

  • Dr. Christo Ackermann, University of Johannesburg, South Africa: “My experience was great since inception. I got quick acknowledgment of receipt of paper‎ in the journal of Governance and Regulation and was amazed by the three week turn around time. The report was detailed explaining why a specific article is good and suitable for publication, this was readily available. We are given an opportunity before publication to review the paper once more and I really appreciated this as it provides one more quality check from the authors perspective. I will definitely submit future articles for consideration for publication”.
  • Dr. Yusuf Nulla, University of Liverpool, UK: “My experience, as an author, journey of communication from manuscript submission through publication in the journal, Corporate Board: role, duties, and composition, with the editorial team, had been professional throughout. The journal staff and chief editor were approachable and serious towards the quality and journal focus. The review of my article was completed based on the established guidelines and I was informed on a timely basis through structured forms. After the final acceptance of my paper, the editorial staff, liaising closely with me to ensure all the publication information were correct and the content and style of presentation in the article were consistent with the final version. I found the Reviewers were good at grasping the main themes of my article and appreciated my literature contribution. Overall, the journal policies and processes demonstrated the discipline of due diligence throughout my journey of authorship with this journal."
  • Dr. Rigard J Steenkamp, Professor, Department of Operations Management, Unisa, South Africa: “Thank you for personalizing the communication to contributors of your journals, journal of Governance and Regulation, and Corporate Ownership and Control. It is my experience that your journals are known for transparency in terms of review lead time and publish ability. Some journals may take months to acknowledge submissions and providing feedback to authors. Contributors do appreciate your style in terms of the editorial team summary of the reviewer’s report, the date of writing the reviewer’s report, stating the applicable journal and providing summarized notes of the reviewer and/or editor. This is positive because some institutions demand this if articles qualify for government subsidy. I therefore want to conclude by thanking you for your cooperation, clear and prompt communication with contributors and especially your responsiveness. This dimension of your service quality can be regarded as a strategic performance objective of your business. The availability of the reviewers’ report(s) is another distinct competency“.
  • Dr Mohammed Naim A. Dewan, Curtin Business School, Curtin University, Australia: “I was pleased to submit and resubmit my papers for publication in the “Corporate Ownership and Control journal.” The editor of the journal was very communicative and helpful regarding paper submission process and outcome. I appreciated the constructive criticisms of the Editor and the reviewers about each of my papers. On the whole, I agreed with the reviewers comments on the papers, and I was cheered to follow their specific recommendations as closely as possible in transforming my papers into good quality journal articles. After addressing each of the editor’s and reviewers’ concerns, I was promptly responded by the editor about the outcome of the decisions. I aim to submit more good quality papers in the near future for publishing in this journal.”
  • Dr. Zeleke Worku, Professor, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Business School, South Africa: “I am sending you this letter appreciation in order to express my sincere appreciation on the quality of professional services that you have provided to students and academic staff of Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) Business School in Pretoria, South Africa. We wish to thank for taking the time to complete the scientific and editorial review of research manuscripts that were submitted to the following journals on the IBSS list: Corporate Ownership and Control Journal; Corporate Board: Role, Duties and Composition Journal; Risk Governance and Control: Financial Markets and Institutions Journal; Journal of Governance and Regulation. Please keep up the good work that you have done in the past. Mr. Solomon Khale, one of my DTech students at TUT Business School, has benefited significantly from your professional leadership and mentorship in the course of working on the valuable comments and inputs that you have given him. We value and appreciate your scholarly inputs, intellectual leadership, scientific insights and technical suggestions. We will be looking forward to working with you in the year 2016“.

To read more feedback from the authors please visit web pages of our journals.

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