SDHE 2015

The idea of the First Forum on Sustainable Development (SD) in Higher Education (HE) on July 21, 2015 is to develop an awareness of future teaching mindset and pedagogy needed to match the needs of the community and the appropriate institutionalized policy to increase the relevancy of continual professional development of scholars, teachers, industry practitioners to understand the linkage between sustainable development and higher education, including supply chain management in various kinds of matters in the higher education sector.

The establishment of the 1st Forum on Sustainable Development in Higher Education is to promote the regional co-operation of sustainable development in higher education with the principles of:

  • Facilitating active engagement in participatory development processes; and
  • Sharing good practices on integrating social, economic and environmental education
  • for wisdom development and value creation in curriculum, in well-being and in development of institutions.

The Forum not only provides educators, researchers, policy-makers, learners and NOGs with the theory and knowledge in relation to sustainable development but also gives them the practical experiences with good practices for skill, attitude, value development to increase their competitive edge necessary for sustainability.

Corporate Ownership and Control will be the official journal of the forum and selected papers of the participants will be published in the Journal.