New book project - Board of directors and company performance: An international outlook

The editorial team is glad to announce that Virtus Interpress has initiated a new project, a book titled "Board of directors and company performance: An international outlook" which is due to be published in January of 2019.

The book will provide a clear international comparison of major trends regarding board of directors and company performance. The book will be published by Virtus Interpress and will be promoted worldwide through the network of subscription agencies, booksellers, online platforms as well as inside of its international scholarly network.

The book will be edited by Bill Megginson (Professor & Price Chair in Finance, George Lynn Cross Research Professor Michael F. Price College of Business, The University of Oklahoma, USA), Dmitriy Govorun (PhD, Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance, Ukraine) and Marina Brogi. We expect to have contributions from authors from 15-20 countries of the world representing all continents.

Please, address your questions about the project or questions regarding joining the team of authors of the upcoming book to the book manager – Polina Bahmetenko at