New book has been released

Publishing House Virtus Interpress is pleased to announce that a new book titled “Prospects of sustainability: Yesterday, today and tomorrow” edited by Ida D’Ambrosio has been released.

In the current context of increasing environmental and social awareness, sustainability emerges as a crucial theme that requires an interdisciplinary and innovative approach. This book aims to explore this complex subject through a variety of contributions from academics and scholars from different disciplinary areas, providing an overview of the challenges and opportunities related to sustainability. From understanding climate phenomena to designing public policies, from analyzing economic models to the role of law in promoting and regulating sustainable practices, from research on neurodegenerative diseases to the psychological implications of resilience, the volume contributes to reflecting on key issues in the field of sustainability.

The book “Prospects of sustainability: Yesterday, today and tomorrow” is an Open Access book, you can find detailed information about the book, read and download it here.