Hellenic Observatory of Corporate Governance (HOCG)

One of the main objectives behind this joint effort is the setting up in Greece of the Hellenic Observatory of Corporate Governance (HOCG), to be hosted at SEV.

The initial intention is to produce and distribute the newsletter twice a year (July and January), thus providing its readers with news, developments, research findings and other relevant information on issues relating to the emerging field of Corporate Governance
and Boards of Directors.

The HOCG is also to produce a research report (initially once per year) containing corporate governance indicators for Greece. A summary of the first report is presented in this newsletter

“To remain competent in a changing world, corporations must innovate and adapt their corporate governance practices so that they can meet new demands and grasp new opportunities. Similarly, governments have an important responsibility for shaping an effective regulatory framework that provides for sufficient flexibility to function effectively and to respond to expectations of shareholders and other stakeholders” (OECD, 2004: pp.13-14)

The aims and objectives of the Observatory

  • Become a permanent forum for the exchange of information
  • Disseminate best corporate governance practices amongst Greek enterprises to assist them in increasing their institutional capacity
  • Create a comprehensive database on corporate governance in Greek organizations
  • Contribute to academic research on corporate governance
  • Cooperate and establish links with other organizations in Greece (i.e. ASE, HCC, Union of Listed Companies in Greece, etc) and abroad (BUSINESSEUROPE, ECGI), with particular focus on neighbouring transition economies
  • Facilitate the establishment of national and regional forces for corporate governance.

For more information contact Dr Dimitrios Koufopoulos