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For members of Virtus global network: strategic decisions

On June 30 the Executive editorial team of Virtus Interpress had a meeting to approve the strategy of publishing house Virtus Interpress for the second half of 2015 to meet the growing challenges in the world of publishing and research. Several issues have been outlined and approved by us:

  1. The epoch of publishing houses which just publish (print) journals is coming to the end. Publishing houses should be more responsible when running their business. Just printing or publishing journals is not enough to be a responsible publishing house. Publishing houses should care not just about a business. They should care also about cooperation with the network outside.
  2. Our vision is to develop in the line with publishing the journals other activities important for authors.
  3. The major activities we will continue to develop are the following: further organizing the international conferences (at least two times a year) worldwide; arranging research seminars and workshops; organizing PhD seminars worldwide; arranging online seminars (webinars); reviewing manuscripts and further publishing the books; further developing the Global Repository of Corporate Governance Experts; running the Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance and international network of experts.

We were quite active in the activities above during last years. Therefore, we want to be UNIQUE and DIFFER from other publishing houses through putting our efforts in developing the academic profiles of members of our network including authors of the paper in our journals, participants of our conferences, seminars, workshops, webinars, etc. We aspire and behave to be responsible for the academic and professional value of all members of our network. That is what Virtus Interpress approved to do at least in the second half of 2015.

Therefore, you are welcome to cooperate with Virtus Intepress in publishing your papers in our journals as well as in other activities we outlined during our recently held meeting mentioned above. Your interests are the priority for our team.

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