Feedback from stakeholders

Virtus Interpress transparency initiative was launched a couple of years ago. In this section, we provide (and continuously update) feedback from our stakeholders.

Feedback from the authors:

  • Hugh Grove, Professor, University of Denver, the USA: “The Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review journal has an excellent review process for authors. Communications with the managing editor of the journal are prompt, concise and very understandable. The journal review process is also prompt and thorough with very good comments to improve authors’ papers. These reviews are almost always positive and creative to help authors. There is also good international visibility for published journal papers. For example, Research Gate promptly tracks reads and citations of these papers”.
  • Grace Obalade, Assistant Lecturer in Business Administration, Ekiti State University, Nigeria: "The reviewer did a thorough review and gave recommendations that were helpful not just for the article published but also in recent research. In summary, the recommendations have improved my research knowledge".
  • Abdelkader Derbali, Community College, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia: “I have recently published a paper in the Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review. I have some point of view of cooperation with this Journal. First, I would like to thank the Editor in Chief, the Managing Editor, and the anonymous reviewers for their disponibilities, collaborations, remarks, and suggestions that were used to ameliorate the quality of our paper and to publish it. Second, I would like to thank the editors of the Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review for the quality of the publication, the format of the review forms that were used by the reviewers, the format of the paper, and the quick response. Also, I would like to thank especially Ms. Olha Lytvynenko and Ms. Sofia Kotliarevska for their collaboration with me. Finally, I thank all the editorial team of Virtus Interpress and for all authors”.
  • Shirley Mo Ching Yeung, School of Business, Gratia Christian College, China: “Both editorial and communication teams maintain a good relationship with authors in developing quality papers from different perspectives to serve the community. The nature of different journals is found with contemporary issues to raise awareness of public citizenship. Congratulations and happy to be part of this community”.
  • Birendra Nath Singh, Doon Business School, Uttarakhand Technical University, India: “It was simply wonderful to work with the entire team of the journal - Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review, especially with Ms. Sofia Kotliarevska, the Managing Editor. From the very first day, they received my paper, they were extremely cooperative, all the time encouraging me, guiding and motivating me, till its final publication. Even the entire Rviewer’s team and the Editorial team were very positive in their observations to help me to improve the quality of my paper. If my paper is published, I give the entire credit to the Reviewers and the Editorial team, led by the dynamic Managing Editor of CGBOR, Ms. Sofia Kotliarevska”.
  • Cevdet Kizil, Istanbul Medeniyet University, Turkey: “We are more than happy to publish in the journal Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review. The managing editors were very helpful and supportive. Also, the review process was very detailed but continued efficiently. Reviewers’ reports included very valuable information. As authors, we were also able to improve our article further. Moreover, we are glad that our article is already getting citations although it is published recently. We would definitely be delighted to publish in the journal Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review later as well”.
  • Duc Tai Do, University of Labor and Social Affairs, Vietnam: “I am writing to express my satisfaction about my paper issued in your journal which is Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review. When we sent the paper, everything had been prepared perfectly. We communicated with the managing editor of the journal very well. Reviewing process is suitable for papers. The content of the reviewer’s report is very clear. I enjoyed the paper in your journal and I will submit another paper in the future. Surely, I will recommend this journal to my friends”.
  • Manh Dung Tran, National Economics University, Vietnam: “Accidently, I know your journal. I sent the paper in hopes that it will be accepted for publication in your famous journal. I got positive feedback from reviewers and Editorial Board. I know the professional manner from the journal. Great for authors in the world. The community of researchers in Vietnam will know more about your journal”.
  • Zyad Marashdeh, The Hashemite University, Jordan: “This is my first time to submit my paper in the journal Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review. I am very impressed with the kindly and professional editorial team and the fast response of the review team. The reviewer comments were very helpful to improve the quality of my article. Also, I’m very satisfied with the friendly submission process. I am very grateful to the editorial team and the entire journal team. I really enjoyed publishing in the journal and will submit again in the future and will strongly recommend it to my colleagues. Thank you so much for all your help”.
  • Domenico Sardanelli, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy: “The experience we had with the editorial team of Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review was very good. They promptly initiated the submission process and quickly provided feedback. The managing editor was very precise in giving information about the editing and publishing process. The reviewers were very supportive and provided useful insights to enhance the paper”.
  • Bashkim Bellaqa, University of Mitrovica “Isa Boletini”, the Republic of Kosovo: “I had the pleasure and honor to have my paper published in the journal Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review at Virtus Interpress. We had great communication with the managing editor, whom I congratulate for her efforts. The process of reviewing the paper has been quite dynamic by the reviewers. We fully agreed with the content of the review report and everything given in the report has been appropriate. We are satisfied with the cooperation with the staff of the journal and we hope that this cooperation will continue in the future”.
  • Elton Tota, University for Business and Technology, the Republic of Kosovo: “Publishing with Virtus Interpress has been a very positive experience. I get to know with a very fast and correct process of editing, reviewing, and publishing. The Virtus Interpress kept me informed in every step of the process. I used to write emails and get answered within hours — something I simply couldn’t experience anywhere else”.
  • Endri Endri, Universitas Mercu Buana, Indonesia: “Comments from reviewers and editors during the review process have made our paper published in the journal Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review much better than the initially submitted manuscript. Besides that, our paper has also been covered by Scopus in a not too long time”.
  • Shahbaz Babar Khan, Shri Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University (JJTU), India: “It was a great pleasure to be with this group; they really care for the Authors by any means like a prompt response (24/7). Humble and friendly concern solving techniques and flexibility and transparency in the procedure. Thanks for this wonderful experience”.
  • Ali Mansouri, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Morocco: “’Very satisfied’ is an insufficient term to describe our experience with the Corporate Governance and Organizational Behavior Review team; the submission process was quite smooth to the point that we received the answer to our questions within the same day or the day after. The review process did not take much time and the reviewers’ remarks, which we consider very relevant, pushed us to improve our contribution even more. Finally, I would like to thank the editors for their efforts in developing knowledge in this field of investigation and for their kindness and availability. Virtus Interpress will be our first destination for our future work”.