Corporation, Corporate Governance and Enterprise, University of Bristol Law School, UK


The aim of the Corporation, Corporate Governance and Enterprise research group in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law is to bring together academics interested in areas of scholarship that include, but are not limited to, the following themes:

  • the role, governance and regulation of enterprise and the corporation in the political economy,
  • enterprise diversity,
  • innovation in business management and governance,
  • access to private and public finance,
  • the business enterprise and social justice,
  • social enterprise; sustainability and business,
  • the role and purpose of company law and regulatory approaches,
  • the role of management and managers,
  • the progressive development of the joint stock corporation, its organisational and legal form, governance, rights and liabilities,
  • corporate boardroom composition,
  • altering existing corporate structures,
  • employee voices in the business enterprise,
  • collective action,
  • value chains,
  • access to justice.

Research in these areas is being conducted across the faculty from different disciplinary perspectives, theoretical standpoints and methodological approaches. The aim of our research group is to identify overlapping thematic interests and to develop and facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary research, and to encourage scholarship that might be both experimental and unorthodox.

Dr. Albert Sanchez-Graells is group leader.

To know more about the group - please visit this page.