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Corporate Governance: new challenges and opportunities: a book

In January 2017 publishing house “Virtus Interpress” initiated a new project on writing a book "Corporate Governance: New Challenges and Opportunities".

Since crisis started in 2008 many challenges were addressed to the companies worldwide. Recently a corporate governance landscape faced numerous challenges and changed remarkably. Therefore, we invite contributors to contribute to the book about national CG challenges and industrial CG challenges as well. Our international network members are welcome to contact Dr. Alex Kostyuk to join the team of authors of the book. The book will be edited by Dr. Vincenzo Capizzi, Dr. Udo Braendle and Dr. Alex Kostyuk. We expect to have contributions about 15-16 countries of the world. The book will be published by November 1, 2017.

Address your questions about the project of book writing to Dr. Alex Kostyuk at

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