Corporate Governance and Sustainability Center (Turkey)

Corporate Governance and Sustainability Center (CGS Center) is a network of eligible experts in the field of corporate governance, corporate restructuring and related services ranging from assessment to research and raising awareness to compliance with its training and advisory services.

Corporate Governance and Sustainability Center provides strategic advice and research to institutional investors, private equity investors and relevant financial institutions, non-governmental organizations, development agencies a solid understanding and unique insight into; financial and economic policy decision making processes, role of regulatory bodies, decision making processes within regulatory bodies, governance structure of the companies, promising sectors, and economic and financial developments in the countries.

CGS Center assists the companies to set up their corporate governance strategies, the relevant roadmap and intra-group governance structures. In this respect CGS Center ensurs risk management and internal control systems in the companies, as well as helps companies to structure better boards to be able to hold effective and efficient board meetings. CGS Center has also also great expertise in writing family constitutions. In this respect has written the family constitutions of well known family-owned companies in Turkey.

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