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Conference in Paris: Dinner instructions

For those conference participants who will participate in the conference dinner: we will have minibuses transporting participants from the conference venue to the cruize boat. If you wish to leave earlier and then to come to the boarding place by yourself, here are the instructions how to find the place:

Getting to our stopover at l’Île aux Cygnes in the middle of Pont de Bir-Hakeim, 75015 Paris FOR PEDESTRIANS: Walk to the Bir-Hakeim bridge located in front of metro station to the left in the 15th arrondissement, then go to the middle of the bridge and down the stairs that will take you to l’Île aux Cygnes.

Railway : Metro line 6 Station Bir Hakeim RER station Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel

Bir-Hakeim Bridge is in front of metro Bir-Hakeim to the left. If you get lost, please call us at +33 06 20 80 75 30

Please see the plan below.

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