Board Resource Services, USA

Board Resource Services, LLC is a unique professional services firm with an exclusive focus on the board of directors.

This consulting company provides services in following fields:

Board Advisory: offering to clients board advisory services aimed at
ensuring the highest level of corporate governance. The expectations
placed on boards by shareholders, regulators, the capital markets and
other stakeholders have never been greater. In response, boards have
placed increased emphasis on the governance process. Services include:

  • Board, committee and peer evaluation
  • Director recruitment
  • Board and committee composition
  • Board retreat facilitation and boardroom discussions
  • Conference presentations
  • Personality assessment-relationship building

Executive Coaching: offering clients a highly successful coaching
engagement based on an integrated set of actions designed to provide a
focused effort to gain a public company board seat. We also offer
coaching for executive leadership presence and strategic engagement
for the boardroom. Services include:

  • Board Candidate Positioning
  • Leadership Presence and Strategic Engagement

Board Guru eBooks: The Board Guru™ digital eBook series was
created to provide a concise, easy to use, real-world resource for
corporate governance professionals. Board Guru™ eBooks aim to
transform how directors keep abreast of trends and create value in the
boardroom. These are turbulent times, succeeding in this environment
requires directors of all types of boards to focus on what really matters,
to accelerate their ability to grasp information quickly and completely,
and to show a track record of due diligence.

Tracy E. Houston is the President of Board Resources Services, LLC. She is a refined specialist in board consulting and executive coaching with a heartfelt passion for rethinking performance, teams, and the boardroom. With a focus on leadership, strategy, and risk management, she consults primarily with directors, presidents, and senior officers to provide input on high level, sensitive, and complex issues. Sometimes called the Chief Potential Officer, Tracy has a background that includes sitting on a number of boards, board consulting, and coaching for potential. She develops unique insights into the vital role of human interaction and the inevitable fusion between barriers to growth and success.

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