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Appreciation of efforts of external reviewers

We address much appreciation to the team of the new invited reviewers of the papers submitted to the journals Corporate Ownership and Control, Corporate Board, Risk Governance and Control, and Journal of Governance and Regulation who were the most active in the first half of 2012 in supporting the process of reviewing the papers. We hope that our cooperation will continue and will be mutually beneficial.

  • Alessandro Zattoni, Italy
  • Mark Wickham, Australia
  • Maurizio Murgia, Italy
  • Juha-Pekka Kallunki, Finland
  • Annalisa Prencipe, Italy
  • Carine Girard, France
  • Marco Tutino, Italy
  • David Tripe, New Zealand
  • Mukesh Garg, Australia
  • Giancarlo Giudici, Italy
  • José António Cadima Ribeiro, Brazil
  • Arturo Capasso, Italy
  • Giuseppe Grossi, Sweden
  • Mario Minoja, Italy
  • Andrew Felo, USA
  • Pina Puntillo, Italy
  • Carlos Pombo Vejarano, Colombia
  • Kazunori “Icko” Suzuki, Japan
  • Andreas Koutupis, Greece
  • Diana Macedo-Soares, Brazil
  • Bonnie Buchanan, Canada
  • Mei Lim, Australia
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