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For authors: a new innovative idea of Virtus Interpress

Dear colleagues, experts in corporate governance and members of our international network.

Today it is time for us to come to you with a very important innovative decision to promote the research activity in corporate governance worldwide. We announce a free, open access to all authors of papers going to be accepted for publishing since November 11, 2014 in our journals. The authors going to submit papers to our journals will receive a free, open access to all our journals – Corporate Ownership and Control, Corporate Board, Risk Governance and Control, Journal of Governance and Regulation. Free open access will allow the authors to have an access to the full-text papers published in all above journals since 2003 when we stated publishing journals. All back issues of our journals will be free for our upcoming authors. Our free database of the full-text papers published in our journals contains more than 1800 papers devoted to corporate governance! This is one of the largest collections of the papers on corporate governance throughout the world.

We are absolutely sure that this will give our authors a great chance to have benefits in researching corporate governance and improve their research results. This open access initiative will be our contribution to develop corporate governance research worldwide and believe that our authors will support this initiative.

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