Corporate governance: Fundamental and challenging issues in scholarly research/Conference proceedings


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Corporate governance: Discovering the new research horizons

Karen M. Hogan ORCID logo, Alexander Kostyuk ORCID logo

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Mind bias behind board decision-making

Pedro B. Água ORCID logo, Anacleto Correia ORCID logo

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Board of directors turnover and firm performance

Brian Bolton ORCID logo, Jung Eung Park ORCID logo

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Auditor choice and corporate governance mechanisms: A study of listed companies on the Athens Stock Exchange

Stergios Tasios ORCID logo, Evangelos Chytis ORCID logo, Marios Fasoulas ORCID logo, Ekaterini Lekarakou

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Cryptocurrency: Is it becoming a reality for Albania?

Kostandin Nasto ORCID logo, Junada Sulillari ORCID logo

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