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Publishing house Virtus Interpress introduces a new book on corporate governance titled "Corporate Governance". This is a textbook aimed at postgraduate students, researchers and practitioners.

The authors of the book are Dr. Alexander Kostyuk, Ukrainian Academy of Banking (Ukraine), Dr. Udo C. Braendle, Manchester Law School (UK) and Dr. Rodolfo Apreda, University of Cema (Argentina).

Experts from 20 countries contributed texts to this textbook. They are experts both from developed and developing countries providing readers of this book with an international comparative analysis of corporate governance practices and corporate governance essentials. Efforts of more than 40 corporate governance experts have found its implementation in this book.

The new book contains 21 chapters (see the book content enclosed below). The international comparative analysis of corporate governance practices covers such countries as the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, China. Corporate governance analysis is built around such issues as corporate law and regulation, ownership structures, market for corporate control, board of directors, stock market, etc.

Special attention is paid to the issue of board of directors. This covers the director selection, director remuneration, director independence, the board procedures.

Corporate governance theories are described in the book too. Agency theory, stakeholder theory and other theories are the basis of the corporate governance and therefore these are in the book. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Order now
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